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Finding the best paintball weapon to meet your requirements isn’t generally a simple errand. There are such a large number of various styles of paintball weapons available today it very well may be somewhat confounding to discover which one is the correct decision for you. Fortunately our group is here to help make it simpler for you! With our long stretches of understanding on the field we have amassed a rundown of the main 10 best paintball markers right now available in 2019.

Regardless of whether you are amateur or star, there is the ideal model out there for you, and our hands on purchasers guide is intended to feature the various highlights of the different models and styles. We have ordered the top selling and audited paintball markers as either fledgling, moderate, or expert in our fast reference control. We will likely assistance you set aside time and cash by ensuring you get the most perfect paintball firearm for your experience level, while offering our affection for paintball to the world!

Keep in mind, the most costly paintball marker isn’t really the best for everybody, you need to consider your aptitude level and favored playing style. A speed athlete will as a rule select a quick terminating model with an autococker and fast flame e-trigger, while woodsball players may lean towards strategic or recreation style gear. In any case, more on that underneath, lets investigate our present top 10 list. We have additionally incorporated our pick for the best paintball guns for those searching for a trusty reinforcement weapon. Make sure to play safe and have some good times!

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The Top Rated Paintball Markers of 2019

Tippmann Cronus

best paintball weapon tippmann chronus

Planet PB Marker Review Score

An incredible section into the more strategic and practical looking Tippmann models. The Cronus resembles the took the amazing 98 custom, and enhanced it inside and out. A discretionary removable barrel shield and stock can add a cool look to this middle of the road level firearm. Amazingly positive client audits on this one and it is known for it’s exactness. With a rail framework to connecting different extras like red speck sights, lights or grasps the Cronus surely does not frustrate! With an amazingly moderate value range and extraordinary in general toughness, this is probably the best alternative for amateurs or transitional players who are searching for a brilliant strong marker that will last.

Ideal for: Beginner – Intermediate players who need a balanced paintball marker at an incredible cost versus esteem proportion.

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Tippmann A5

best paint ball firearm tippman a5

Planet PB Marker Review Score

The Tippmann A5 resembles the elder sibling to the 98 custom… .on steroids! With huge amounts of choices for practical looking body units, you can make your A5 resemble a threatening AK-47, strategic HK 417, , a Spec operations MP5-SD or whatever your preferred weapon is. With a wide huge number of stocks, barrels, magazines, grasps and barrels accessible, the blends are practically unending. The weapon itself has a shoot selector on the hold for wellbeing and single shot modes, and can without much of a stretch discharge up to 15 paint balls a second.

You can likewise swap out the grasp for an updated electronic trigger that supports full auto just as single shot shoot modes. Another sweet element is the scandalous A5 strung barrel, which is good with a wide scope of other paintball weapons, making it simple to swap out. The A5 accompanies a wonderful loader appropriate out of the case, the Cyclone stacking framework, extraordinary for easily stacking the firearm and abstaining from slashing paint. This joins to make the Tippman A5 a very flexible mid range bundle for any genuine player. One of the most well known Tippmann paintball markers for situation players. Peruse our full survey HERE.

Ideal for: Intermediate players who need the best paintball firearm for the cash. Players hoping to adjust cost and execution and have a huge amount of accessible adornments for overhauls.

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Color Proto Rail MaXXed

color proto rail paint ball weapon

Planet PB Marker Review Score

While the Dye Proto Rail may be on the higher finish of the value scale for most section level players, it’s an extraordinary choice for those hoping to move up to a top of the line weapon yet at the same time not burn up all available resources. Color makes the absolute best paintball gear, with an attention on top notch creation. The 14 inch barrel shoots straight and it can fire 15 balls for each second, and once in a while hacks paint. Everything about this top of the line marker shouts quality.

The Proto Rail Maxxed comes outfitted with an e-trigger appropriate out of the container, which means by utilizing an electronic circuit to control the autococker terminating component, you spare a great deal of air through the span of a few amusements. It additionally means decreased backlash, a calmer weapon firearm generally speaking and more tightly precision. On account of the minimal structure this is a generally light marker and everything is very much planned, as you would anticipate from the brand. The “sticky holds” are a pleasant option, with the material including additional grasp and solace, regardless of whether you wear strategic golves or go exposed gave. For those with somewhat higher spending this is an astounding choice.

Ideal for: Intermediate players looking to an excessively excellent marker that is prepared to go ideal out of the crate and will up your game over a fundamental model.

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Spyder MR100

best paint ball markers spyder mr100

Planet PB Marker Review Score

A comparative structure to the Tippmann Cronus, the Spyder MR100 sports a more drawn out barrel and accompanies a tough stock for included exactness. The all dark structure looks incredible and the whole paintball marker is built from top notch materials that can take whatever you toss at it. The default twofold tap trigger makes it quite adaptable, for either speedball or woodsball on account of the more drawn out barrel which gives not too bad range.

Ideal for: Beginner – Intermediate players.

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Tippmann US Army Project Salvo

best paintball firearm venture salvo

Planet PB Marker Review Score

The Tippmann Project Salvo is unquestionably one of the coolest looking firearms we have gotten our hands on, and one of our top choices for woodsball and indoor rec-ball games. This marker is incredible for the individuals who need a reasonable looking weapon and love to play recreation amusements. This thing just looks boss and consistently get compliments from different players.

You can discover the venture salvo packaged with a red dab locate, breakdown capable back stock and front hold, which makes it very adaptable for whatever game sort you happen to play. Join it with the awesome twister feed framework and you have an extraordinary paintball marker to overwhelm the field. These embellishments give it a touch of additional weight which could be a fortunate or unfortunate thing relying upon your inclination, yet it adds to the reproduction component and we like it. On account of to longer barrel, exactness is entirely great. While you wont shoot tight groupings like the top of the line Dye or Empire markers, it is more than exact enough for non competition play. In the event that you are searching for an incredible looking firearm that can kick some ass, the Tippmann Project Salvo is an extraordinary decision.

Ideal for: Beginner – Intermediate players searching for a very fun, brilliant paintball marker that looks stunning.

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Tippmann 98 Custom

best paintball marker 98 custom

Planet PB Marker Review Score

To state the 98 Custom is one of the most mainstream paintball markers on earth would be putting it mildly. From the fabulous value indicate that makes it alluring first time purchasers entering the game, to it’s unwavering quality and usability, there is no big surprise why these things are always on delay purchase all things considered nearby shops. This is the thing that isolates it from your normal shoddy paintball weapons from Wall-shop.

The all inclusive Picatinny rail framework takes into consideration the expansion of optics like a red spot locate for reflex sharp objective procurement. This Tippmann marker is a time tested workhorse and potentially the best paintball marker for new players. Mechanical activity fueled by CO2 or HPA. The coordinated rail framework means despite the fact that this is a passage level marker, you can without much of a stretch overhaul it after some time, and include the madly well known flatline barrel for included range and precision. One of the most mainstream paintball markers on the planet. Many propelled players still have their 98 custom as a reinforcement even in the wake of moving up to a top of the line firearm, extraordinary to credit to companions and get them into the game also! Peruse our full active Review HERE.

Ideal for: Beginner players search for an incredible starter weapon with huge amounts of extra alternatives to update and change execution.

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Realm Mini

realm paintball firearms small

Planet PB Marker Review Score

Realm is the other top of the line paintball marker brand that reliably puts out astonishing quality gear. The Empire Mini truly satisfies the name, it is pass on one of the littlest paintball firearms available. This makes it very light weight and simple to control. The electronic trigger framework makes it tranquil and ready to shoot as quick as you can pull the trigger.

The 2 handle structure is agreeable and the included weight measure reporting in real time connector is a decent touch, enabling you to rapidly check the rest of the air in your tank at a speedy look. This is an incredible section level competition style paintball marker and given the littler size, brisk rate of flame and in general exactness, extraordinary for crowdedness indoor play.

Ideal for: Intermediate players looking to a top of the line paintball marker that is reduced and simple to use, with some excellent highlights like an e-trigger and coordinated weight check.

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Realm Ax

realm hatchet paint ball weapon

Planet PB Marker Review Score

On the off chance that you are getting into genuine paintball competitions, odds are you have see the prevalent Empire Ax in real life. This is a top of the line paintball marker that can truly empty paint quick. With numerous shooting modes from single shot, r

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